The vision of MusicKitchen is as follows:

To encourage creativity and enrich quality of life through music.

MusicKitchen has three programs:

QUARTETUTOPIA: consulting service to assist string quartets in establishing concert activities and teaching activities in local communities.

This initiative is based on the concept that string quartets can be a powerful, effective, flexible and cost effective way to bring music and musical education to a local community, all without disrupting existing musical resources. Conservatories are providing musicians marvelously trained to do just this, and they are in intense need of meaningful outlets for what they have to offer. Meanwhile, substantive music education is crumbling accross the county, so a highly efficient education vehicle is exactly what can address the needs with minimal resources.

MATHEMUSICA: initiative to organize afterschool activities that give young people a two hour time frame to study math and music, following separate curriculums but also working with synthesized activities, building on works of Pythagoras as a starting point. Participant can enroll to come to the physical location but can also participate by tele-conferencing.

This initiative addresses music education and science education and is based on the concept that combining the study of both of them will lead to more refined understanding of both and build a learning environment which is fun, effective and creative.

LIVING ARCHIVE: Archiving the performance of valuable musical material, and organizing it into web-friendly resources for people to learn about their cultural heritage in the form of music.

This initiative will organize musical recordings made by Living Archive but also consult with organzations who wish to asseble archiving technology. It will have as a goal the employment of specialists to process raw media, to prepare web content, and to advise third parties on system setup.